Coats of Many Colors

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One of the things I look forward to every year around this time is buying a new fall/winter coat. Winter tends to be drippy and dreary most of the time, so I try to snag a statement-y coat that I can at least look forward to wearing when it’s cold and gross outside. In fact, in my last post, I was the proud recipient of a very prestigious award for the most raddest red coat ever that I bought last October.

Now I live in South Africa where the seasons are backwards, and I am deprived of my annual October coat hunt. I was, however, forced to buy what I would consider a very warm jacket in the middle of July which felt wrong to me on many levels. So, in honor of the season, I put together an inspiring collection of the coats I’ve got my eye on from all the way down here.


What winter wardrobe do you have your little eyes on?

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